About Us

The Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry Province No-2 (FNCCI PN 2)  is a provincial office of FNCCI Ktm. It represents the interests of the private sector and is involved in promotion of socio economic development in province 2  through  private sector led economic growth.



"Leading the province No 2  Economic Progress"


"Facilitating  Province No- 2  Businesses  in Nepal and Become Globally Competitive"


The FNCCI PN 2 objectives are determined by its statute. The objectives are to
•    Promote the economic and social development in Province No-2 while protecting and defending the rights and interests of the business persons of the entire Province .
•    Make effective and significant contribution to the development of open market economy while recognizing the changes taking place in the Province No -2.
•    Act as a supreme representative body of the trade and industry in Province No-2  while supporting the  provincial and  national goals of self reliant and independent Provincial economy.
•    Foster cooperation with related Provincial ,national and foreign organisations


The functions of The FNCCI  PN 2  are determined by its objectives. The work it has been involved in, during the recent past, includes:
•    Play a catalytic role in the business, industrial development in the Province No-2  while establishing sound industrial relations in the Province.
•    Reinforce business community's commitment to the society.
•    Provide advisory services to Provincial government, lobby as and when required in formulation and execution of business and industry related policies, acts and programs friendly to the private sector.
•    Foster cooperation with related Nepali and foreign Organizations.
•    Provide up to date information to the business, government through CCI’s.
•    Create awareness and muster business and industry initiatives on issues like quality, social responsibility, Corporate governance, campaigns against HIV/AIDS, child labour, environment etc.

Functional Principles

FNCCI PN 2 - activities are guided by the following principles:
•    Professionalism in operation..
•    Partnership with  Provincial government and development partner.
•    Commitment to fairness, competition, transparency, de-regulation, de-centralization and de-licensing.
•    Confidence in market led private initiative.
•    Extensive consultation with stakeholders while deciding on common industry and business views as and proposals.